Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let's Get It Started-HA!

Let's get it started in here... If you'd care to have Black Eyed Peas stuck in your head like I now do, feel free to click here.  Eh, I guess there could be worse songs stuck in your head.  At least Let's Get It Started can be sort of motivational...sort of.

So for my very first blog post I was trying to think of what to write.  A huge pile of homework has been eyeing me all day so I thought I'd write about that.  Um, no thank you!  I get enough of it already, why would I want to subject you guys to the torture, too?  Anyway, I took a break from "working" at around 1 o' clock and decided to make lunch.  Voila!  A topic for my post!

Because I'm going out for dinner tonight to Chef Luis, I didn't want to make a huge lunch.

What to make...

There was a portobello in the refrigerator so that was inspiration enough for me.
I took out the gills (I hate when my mom forgets to do this when she makes me a mushroom!)

I cooked it with some olive oil, salt, and pepper.
I toasted 2 pieces of bread and waited for my mushroom to cook.  Although, I'm perfectly content eating just a mushroom cap even without the bread, my sandwich needed MORE!

So, in that same pan I was cooking the mushroom in, I just tossed in some baby spinach and steamed/sauteed it.  I'm not really that technical with it, and I didn't even take the mushroom out.  I filled the mushroom with about 1/8 cup of this beautiful, cheesy dream.  For lactose intolerant sufferers like me who love cheese but don't like the, er, unpleasant side affects of digesting it, this stuff is amazing!  So, with the mushroom and cheese having a little love fest and the spinach just sitting there on top, I covered the pan and waited.  Magic! The cheese melted and I assembled my sandwich.
Sorry about these horrendous iphone pictures.  I promise when I'm not hurrying to get back to my homework I'll take more time and use a real camera for posts.  And, my lunch wouldn't be complete without a Diet Snapple. Yum!
Oh, and because I'm obsessed with dessert I always have to end my meals with something sweet, even it if it is an apple...
History textbooks make excellent plates (as do Latin worksheets).  I have been known on occasion to hand in an assignment or two with chocolate stains...

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