Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Term Paper Time

T-minus 10 days and counting.

My term paper for my history class (Atlantic Communities I) is due on April 12th.  Well, I'm 5 pages into it.  Not bad, not bad.  I only have a little bit left.  I'm guessing it'll turn out to be around 8 pages...

In case it interests you, my topic is about the Pequot Indians.  I picked the topic because Native Americans fascinate me and because I love visiting the Pequot Museum.  It's a bit of a hike for me (2 hours), but it's totally worth it.  Their Pequot village display is amazing.  It's so realistic looking (or at least I'm assuming that's what it would have looked like...).

Anyway, I've been procrastinating all morning even though I told myself I would finish a rough draft today (which I'm still planning on accomplishing).  I should've gotten a picture back in the research stage.  Literally, my desk and surrounding surfaces were covered in books about the Pequots.  Now everything is on my computer: outline, rough draft, bibliography, edited rough draft... all I have to physically hold is my stack of notecards.  I only ended up getting about 60.  Eh, if it gets the job done...

Well, for motivation to complete my rough draft today, my reward is making Easter sugar cookies with my mom.  Yay mother-daughter baking!  Oh, and I'll be able to leisurely enjoy reading the 5th Harry Potter as well without the nagging thought of term paper.

What do you do to motivate yourself to do something that is not very fun?  Is it cookies and Harry Potter?  A visit to the movie theater? Getting your nails done? (That reminds me, I NEED to find time to do my nails today)

P.S. April Fool's Day and Fred and George Weasley's birthdays!

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