Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I've Got a Little Pinterest Problem...

I know you've heard of it.  Pinterest. I got mine over the weekend and can't seem to use self control on it.  I go on expecting to spend 30 minutes max on it and then get back to my normal life.  But then 30 minutes turns into 3 hours.  Yes, I got home from school yesterday and pinned straight through dinner...oops.

You can check out my boards here.  It's mainly food, but some other stuff is mixed in to keep it interesting. ;)

The bunny poop bark from the weekend was a huge hit at my mom's work.  All the office ladies loved it!  I think that's a good strategy.  Make yummies on the weekend, eat some of it but then ship the rest off to my mom's office so I'm not tempted to eat all of it.  Unless of course I just have to keep it...

So. Much. Homework.  And, to top it all off, we're already talking about exams.  :(  not a happy camper

Oh, and I've got some news on horse stuff, but luckily because I'm so busy tonight you are spared just this once...

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