Monday, May 14, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

Sometimes I get so caught up in school that I forget to realize that there is life existing outside of school.  This weekend, for example, I had a wonderful time just slowing things down.  Don't get me wrong, I still did a butt load of homework, but I did some other fun things too.

  • I unwound with some junky tv
  • I went out to dinner (just me and my parents, no sisters!)
  • I baked my mom scones for Mother's Day breakfast
  • I gardened with my mom on Mother's Day
  • I had a great time taking pictures at my weekend house (I got some really great reflection shots because that was my photography assignment this weekend)

Overall, I was able to really decompress this weekend which was a nice treat.  Unfortunately, as soon as I got back to school this morning a whole flood of problems, irritations, thoughts, and other daily troubles came back to me.  It's great to unwind sometimes, but then it feels pretty awful to have real life come back and settle on your shoulders.

I don't have to worry too much longer, though, because I only have 5 days of classes, 4 days of review sessions, and 4 days of exams left.  Whew! 

It really is starting to sink in that soon I will be on summer break with almost 3 months of no school.  My oldest sister is coming home from college tonight, so we're opening gifts for my mom tonight instead of yesterday.  

Oh, and as a last minute thought, you know sometimes you need a break from things or people you love? It's like you spend every moment of your time with them that sometimes you just need time away from them.  Not alone time, just time with other people...

The pond was full of critters this weekend.  I got pictures of most of them, but there was a huge bullfrog that kept getting away from me!

I especially love these tadpoles.  It's so cool to see an animal in sort of "textbook" style.  You always imagine just a frog and maybe the younger tadpoles, but these guys look like they're pretty far along...maybe next week they'll have the beginnings of legs!

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