Thursday, April 5, 2012

Horses, Hunger Games, and Hot Dogs

Finally.  My 4-day weekend is here.  I got through 2 quizzes and a test today and feel pretty worn out.

I usually ride on Wednesdays, but seeing as yesterday I was studying my brains out, I rode today instead.  It was a nice treat to go to the barn free from worry about school.  I was really looking forward to today because last week I had an AH-mazing lesson on Zeus.  Dare I call it a perfect lesson?
Anyway, I ended up riding Holly.  Let's just say, if you could turn into a little Arabian pony that's a bit how I would describe Holly.  I've been meaning to get some pictures and videos of me riding and my mom agreed to come film/photograph my lesson next week.  Yay!  I love seeing myself ride, but I don't often have someone to come watch my lesson.  I'll definitely be putting the good ones up.

I'm a little random sometimes.  Like right now I have this little doo-dad stuck in my head and I'm singing it like the LMFAO song.

It reminded me of this one that I saw a few days ago.

So yeah, as you can probably tell I'm in a little Hunger Games zone right now.  Actually, I read the books last year and really enjoyed them.  I decided to reread the first one right before the movie came out.  This definitely rekindled my interest in them.  It definitely won't be like Harry Potter for me, but it's good to have other go-to books that are entertaining with a nice character list.

Well, I actually ended up going to the midnight showing of the movie.  So much fun!  I was on spring break at the time so I didn't even need to worry about being tired the next day.  I really love going to midnight premieres of movies.  I went for Deathly Hallow part 1 and 2.  Unfortunately I missed the 6th one due to...umm... some swing dancing complications...

Check out this video.  I love watching what people can come up with on youtube.  I have zero editing skills.  That would be my friend, Sophie.  She has a real talent for it.  I should put up some of her videos some time...

Watching this video makes me want some pita.  Oh wait, I got that wrong.  It makes me want Peeta.  Or better yet--I could get Peeta to make me some pita.  He is the son of a baker...   Why can't guys in real life be like Peeta Mellark?

Oh, and as for hot dogs...because today was opening day for baseball (or so I was told) my school decided to have a "ball park" themed day.  They told everyone to wear there favorite baseball team jersey (do baseball players wear jerseys??) and they served stadium food at lunch.  Hot dogs, chili dogs, french fries, and grilled vegetables.  I'm not really sure why they chose grilled vegetables, but seeing as I'm not a huge fan of hot dogs (except when they're sliced up and in Kraft mac n cheese) I had them for lunch.  The grilled green and yellow zucchini and carrots definitely made me think of summer.  I love when you can cook your whole meal on the barbecue and eat outside because its warm and light until 9 o clock... Ahh summer...

Now I'm off to watch a documentary called Biography: Harry Potter Kids that I got on netflix.  It got poor reviews, but I figured it was worth a shot... Plus, my night won't be totally wasted because I'm gonna make something yummy to eat while I watch it.  I had barely any dinner.  I was probably subconsciously preparing for popcorn and snacks!

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