Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Me and Cake, Yeah, We're Frenemies

What do you do when you mess up your first cake?  Bake another one of course!  I wanted to bake a cake for my term paper party but ended up breaking it while taking it out of the pan...

Near tears, tired, emotional, angry...It was the night before my paper was do and everything was going wrong.  Hey!  I just wanted to do something nice to celebrate the end of this paper and things weren't going my way.

With my mom's help we quickly got another cake in the oven and I was on my way.
Not too shabby, I'd say...

But what to do with the broken cake... It sat out for a few days, but that didn't matter.  Today I decided to make cake balls/truffles/bites whatever you want to call them.

the workstation: as you can see I cut off the very edges that were a little too dark for the cake balls
I used a very large bowl which made the crumbling and mixing very easy.

I added about 3/4 of the can of frosting and mixed up the cake "dough" with a rounded spatula.

and a mini scoop works wonderfully for getting consistently shaped balls

I put these in the refrigerator for an hour or so...

colored sanding sugar

white wilton candy melt, hearts, sprinkles, ya' know, the usual decorating stuff :)
so this was my "kiddie" tray but I promise you I made a fancy looking tray but I didn't get pictures of it...
cool edible decorating pens

hello there, little guys

I ran out of the candy melt a little more than halfway through so I melted some semi sweet chocolate...AND THEN I was a bad girl.  I reserved the last three cake balls to be dipped into the chocolate that I mixed peanut butter into.  I had a fair amount left... that I may or may not have finished eating with a spoon...

 Yup, that's it.  I don't really care to share how much of the cake "dough" I ended up eating, or how many of the toppings I ended up eating...but let's just say it served as a very nice dinner...

Fast forward to after the weekend.  I told myself I was going to give ALL OF THE CAKE BALLS AWAY.  Well, false.  I surrendered and had about 4 or 5 today...ummm oops?  Nahh they were tasty so it was worth it.

I will take the rest (maybe after a few more...) to school on Thursday.  Why not tomorrow you ask?  Because I'm taking in these bars of yummy-ness to school tomorrow.  :)

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