Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pool Party

Yesterday I had some friends over at my house for a celebrate-the-end-of-school-and-beginning-of-summer party.  It was really fun!  Even though the weather was less than desirable I still had a good time.

The rain held off long enough for us to be able to swim before dinner (even if the air was cold, the pool was heated to 86 degrees!).  We had chicken fajitas for dinner which were definitely crowd-pleasers.  Then we watched Mrs. Doubtfire and made s'mores inside.  I had originally hoped to use the fire pit outside if it had been a typical summery feeling night, but alas, we did the winter style s'mores and made a fire inside.

It was a great way to get everyone together one last time before we go off on our own summer plans and don't see each other until September.  Inevitably, I do usually see my closest friends a few times over the summer, but this was a good kickstart to the summer festivities even if it was 60 degrees and drizzly...

Also, I'm basically in crunch time for packing for our family vacation to Italy.  We leave on Saturday so I really should get myself together...I know what I'll be doing tomorrow...

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