Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Freedom

I officially finished my last bit of academics for this school year on Friday when I took my AC1 final.  As a whole, finals weren't bad this year (come on, we're freshman, how bad could they be??) except for Latin.  Latin was that bad...I won't even go into how I screwed up the easy stuff, completely blanked on the hard stuff, and basically drowned on paper.  BUT, it's over and done with now ;)

Now that I'm free I've been able basically enjoy life more.   Sometimes people forget that school honestly stresses out kids...a lot.  It's a full time job...even more so considering we can't leave it in the cubicle at the end of the day.  It's our life.  Yeah, I know, it's important, everyone does it, blah, blah, blah.  But, I can guarantee that what we do in school now is more pressure-filled than "back in the day."

Anyway, I've officially sorted through, packed up, and organized all of my school things and won't be seeing them until September.  That even inspired me to clean my room.  Basically, I'm feeling a positive snowball effect!

Here's my agenda now that school is out:
  1. Hang out with friends I haven't seen in a while
  2. Have a party to celebrate the end of freshman year
  3. Prepare for Italy (shop, pack, learn Italian...)
  4. Read Harry Potter like it's nobody's business
  5. Spend time with the family
  6. Be thankful I go to private school and don't have another month left like the public schools do...
Ok, I've basically done a lot of the stuff on this list already.  I've seen friends, I'm having a party Wednesday (small gathering), I've had umm..multiple shopping sprees to get ready for Italy (but haven't actually packed yet), read Harry Potter, went out to dinner with my family, and aren't I always thankful I go to private school?? 

Some other things on my mind:
  • Horseback riding.   pfff...this is it's own post! Let's just say it makes me dizzy in the head thinking about it (ok, not really, but whatever, it sounded good!)
  • I'm going to Boston tomorrow for a class trip woooohoooo!!
  • I ordered new towels for my bathroom (random, but a total excitement for me nonetheless)
  • I got a new saddle...finally after searching for a bajillion years (ok, maybe just a few months...)
So I know this a jumbled mess of a blog post, I definitely need to get better about focusing these things...I think it's partially because it's the first one in a few weeks.  But don't worry, they will get better, more organized, and hopefully more frequent now that I'm out of school.  I'll also be sure to put pictures and doodads besides just plain words.

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