Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Good Life

I had a less than pleasant night last night but today made up for it almost completely.  I had a good morning at work (can you say, "I love photoshop!"), then I went riding and had a pretty fantastic lesson.

Two more pairs of breeches that I ordered (multiples of a pair that I liked) arrived in the mail.  These are the pants.  I love almost everything about them:

  • They look fancier than they are because of color, material, and awesome euro seat design.
  • They have coolmax in them which is great for summer although they feel very sturdy.
  • They are about $100 less than tailored sportsman (although I love those I think these are just as good and even fit kinda nicer hehe).
  • They have the side zip which I love and look really good with my belts.
  • I feel like a boss when I ride in them...and because they are like bargain breeches compared to TS I actually can ride in them for lessons (now I have a total of 3 pairs).
Now for the one con:
  • The CS2 system on the bottom (comfort sock system?).  It seems like a well intended idea that I would probably love if done a little better but it just wasn't working for me.  The bottom is meant to accommodate any sized leg without using velcro to be more comfortable.  But, for me it started off fine but throughout my ride I felt a rubbing and realized it had slid up and was indeed rubbing.  I will try to find a solution to this because I already bought the 2 more pairs and I just love everything else about them...

I satisfyingly unloaded the dishwasher...pinned some stuff on my pinterest...browsed Rue Lala (here's an invite)...aaaaaand planned my evening around watching 90210 on Netflix.

Sounds like the good life to me!
Oh, and enjoy this hilariously true statement:

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